There may be no more important decision that an individual makes than where they choose to invest their time and their talents. As children we begin to form our identity with simple decisions that are made in a brief moment and most times unaware that we made a decision- do I want to go outside and ride my bike or stay inside and draw?  As we mature those decisions become more significant and shape who we’ll be in the future.

Recently, I’ve had a front-row seat as my daughter navigated the college selection process, her hopes, and dreams tied with where she would matriculate at in the fall. After that decision was made, a wave of relief and celebration followed. Almost as quickly as that decision was made, she was faced with the next life decision of what do I want to major in? The pressure and importance of the decision can consume a young mind and the feeling of making the perfect decision can lead to feeling stuck.

My educational journey felt a bit different — it was more fluid; it was exploratory and eventually ended with me graduating college with a degree in Business focused in Real Estate & Finance. Did I have a plan on how I would use my degree after college? Did I know what I wanted to be? Did I know where I wanted to invest my time and my talent? Not really, but I trusted myself and believed in the people that I had surrounded myself with to guide me, and fortunately, professional opportunities continued to present themselves that challenged me and forced me to grow.

My career has led me on a journey working in a handful of seemingly disconnected industries. My career started in apparel retail management- here again, I didn’t seek out the opportunity — it came to me through the people that I had surrounded myself with. I loved the work, learning how to be a leader, managing a team of people, implementing processes, hitting tough deadlines, and here for the first time, a common theme begins to immerge — recruiting and developing a team. That opportunity and commitment to the people I worked with grew into twelve years of work with a team of intelligent, dedicated, and passionate people that I loved sharing my time and talents with

Eventually, a new opportunity presented itself, I was recruited to join a start-up company with an entrepreneurial leader that had vision, passion, and dedication to inspire everyone that he came in contact with. The industry you ask? Well, I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that it was Real Estate Development and Property Management. I would often be asked, “How do you go from working in apparel retail to becoming a leader of a Real Estate Development company?” At first, I didn’t have a clear answer, I would often respond with a smile and a shrug of the shoulders. I would momentarily reflect on the leap of faith that was required to shift into a strange new industry. As time wound on, it became clear why the opportunity presented itself- it was to invest my time and talents in developing a team. And why did I choose to make that leap? Because of the opportunity to work for a leader who had shared values and a strong desire to inspire others.

And now, here I am again with a new opportunity. In February, I joined TRIAD Architects in a leadership position. This time the questions I’m getting are slightly different, “I didn’t know you were an architect?” The answer this time comes with confidence and clarity. I’m not, and that’s a good thing, I’ll reply. You see, TRIAD is so much more than an architecture firm. We’re community stewards, we’re developers of people, we’re thought leaders, we’re problem solvers, and most importantly we care deeply about our team, our clients, and the work we provide. TRIAD’s service offerings are ever-evolving — Architecture, Construction Services, and Real Estate Development are the services that are used to create meaningful partnerships to live out our values.

As I reflect on my professional career it becomes clear that regardless of the product, service, or industry that I’ve worked in there is one constant- People. Leaders with vision. Leaders with shared values. A team that I believe in. TRIAD Architects embodies all of this. And I couldn’t be happier to invest my time and talents with the team here at TRIAD.

Written by Todd Moroz