We take our values seriously, and we promise to exemplify them in all that we do:

  • Authentic

    Be genuine and helpful in your interactions with others. Aspire to be vulnerable and allow space for others to be vulnerable. Care for one another.

  • Drive

    Be a self starter. Seek to get your work done on time and get it done right. Be tenacious and persevere to follow goal through to completion.

  • Integrity

    Hold yourself to the highest accountability. Do what you say you are going to do, even if no one is watching. Strive to understand what is right and to do the right thing.

  • Adaptable

    Be nimble and willing to grow. Seek multiple points of view. Offer unique, customized solutions. Endeavor to get it right. Not be right.

  • Analytical

    Challenge your thinking and each other. Think critically and collaboratively. Be resourceful.

  • Communicators

    Listen to understand. Be clear and direct, in common language Ask if the other heard and understands. If you don't understand, ask.


  • Brent Foley


  • Zach Price


  • Todd Moroz

    Managing Director

  • Julia Arkwright

    Director of Community Connections and Growth

  • Kevin Kindy

    Director of Architecture and Design

  • Bob Gibson

    Partner - Project Manager

  • Casey Byrnes

    Project Manager

  • Trevor Swanson

    Project Manager

  • Morgan Mitchell

    Interior Design Lead

  • Darice Cadriel

    Senior Project Architect

  • Rachael Hill


  • Lauren Voiers

    Interior Designer

  • Jeffery Greene

    Interior Designer

  • Heather Myers

    Office Coordinator

  • Katie Frame

    Marketing Coordinator