We take our values seriously, and we promise to exemplify them in all that we do:

  • Authentic

    Care for one another. Be real. Aspire to be vulnerable and allow space for others to be vulnerable.

  • Passionate

    Be energized and diligent. Be helpful and disciplined. Seek to get your work done on time and get it done right.

  • Integrity

    Be honest and courteous. Aim for optimal outcomes for all. Strive to understand what is right and to do the right thing.

  • Adaptable

    Be nimble and willing to grow. Offer unique, customized solutions. Endeavor to get it right. Not be right.

  • Analytical

    Challenge your thinking and each other. Think critically. Find ways to leverage the knowledge and experience of all stakeholders.

  • Communicators

    Listen to understand. Be clear and direct. Dedicate yourself to providing accessible messaging in common language.


  • Brent Foley


  • Zach Price


  • Todd Moroz

    Managing Director

  • Julia Arkwright

    Director of Community Connections and Growth

  • Kevin Kindy

    Director of Architecture and Design

  • Bob Gibson

    Partner - Project Manager

  • Casey Byrnes

    Project Manager

  • Trevor Swanson

    Project Manager

  • Morgan Mitchell

    Interior Design Lead

  • Heather Myers

    Office Coordinator

  • Latifa Alagah


  • Lauren Voiers

    Interior Designer

  • Jeffery Greene

    Interior Designer

  • Rachael Hill


  • Katie Frame

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Akeen Booker


  • Ana Bretscher