Real Estate Development

You need facilities to serve your vision. We build community through the improvement of real estate assets. Together, we are Triad.

  • Nimble

    Because we provide comprehensive services and operate with global vision, we can swiftly assess financial viability, building code requirements, entitlements, and construction challenges. Our company’s shared resources model enables us to deliver quickly and confidently.

  • Realistic

    We support big dreams with real know-how. We imagine exciting spaces but understand technical limitations. And we utilize our creative and technical skill sets to help you exceed the ordinary.

  • Discovery

    We believe in place discovery over place making. We know that intriguing spaces exist in every community, and we listen to understand. We collaborate to discover and accentuate the positive in the community spaces you want to live in and leave for future generations.

The City of Delaware is fortunate that Triad purchased and are renovating our 17 N. Sandusky St. building. The experience this team brings to renovating historic buildings gives us great confidence that this structure where abolitionist and orator Frederick Douglass spoke in Delaware June 6, 1856 will be brought back to a state where it will continue to serve the Delaware Community for the next 100 years.

Sean Hughes

Economic Development Director - City of Delaware

Who We Serve

We believe that design begins with people, and that architecture is stewardship. We’re invested in the people and potential of every project we undertake.

We know that your history is as important as your future. From urban to suburban to rural settings, our clients have projects in communities with historic cores, notable schools, and a strong community focus. This includes public, private and nonprofit clients with vision.

We know you’re unique, and we are too. We offer a combination of architecture, design, construction, facilities management, and real estate development services. This gives us the opportunity to serve you from project inception to far beyond its completion.

Here are all the ways we can help you

  • Program Management

  • Owner’s Representation

  • Site Selection/Evaluation

  • Entitlement Processes

  • Construction Loan Monitoring

  • Private Placement Assistance

  • Grant/Incentive Analysis

  • Financial Modeling