TRIAD’s Core Values

February 26, 2021

At TRIAD Architects, we work to put people first by advocating for authentic, organic, community-based design. Our ceaseless drive to utilize our skills and talents to make our client’s visions become a reality and connect those visions with their communities is what makes us different. This means building processes to engage stakeholders in overcoming challenges to vision a reality. This means going beyond the client’s visions and becoming ingrained partners in their communities.

We believe that design begins with people and that also applies to our team at TRIAD. We take our values seriously and we promise to exemplify these values in all that we do.

As part of our firm’s vision, each of our employees brings these six core values to each project:

Authentic. We are personable, engaging, and wholeheartedly care about our team, clients, work, and the communities we serve.

Passionate. We are energized by our work and will work diligently towards our goals. We will always be helpful, disciplined in our approach, and bring a willingness to learn to every project.

Loyal. We always put the good of the team first. We can be trusted to take every action necessary to provide the best possible outcomes for all involved.

Adaptable. We are nimble. We know that each client is unique, and we always apply customized solutions to our work.

Analytical. We use critical thinking and leverage the knowledge and experience of our team, our clients, and our communities. We like a good challenge and always look for the optimum outcome.

Communicators. No matter the complexity of a project or client, we translate solutions into clear, decisive, and accessible messaging.

TRIAD believes in our client’s visions. We seek to learn with you and how your vision ultimately serves the community. We then become invested members of your community and we do this by staying true to our core values.