Triad welcomes national architecture firms to Columbus – Seriously.

Recently, in a sales and marketing meeting we were tackling the issue of how to compete with the many national firms putting roots in the Columbus region.  As we thought about it, we settled on a simple strategy; don’t.

40 years ago, when IBM entered the PC market Apple took out a full page add welcoming them to what they felt was one of the most important endeavors of the 20th century.  We’d like to bring that same attitude to national architecture firms setting up shop in Columbus.  We think it’s a great place and we’re glad you’re taking making it a better place for everyone so seriously.

Welcome to the most exciting market in America. Central Ohio, and Ohio as a whole, is a collection of diverse and unique communities. Because of the hard work and collaborative nature of those who call central Ohio home, the region is experiencing unprecedented economic growth and attracting national attention.

When Triad was founded in 1997, it was our belief that each community and client was different and deserved a customized design solution that represented their specific community. We did not subscribe to the notion of cookie-cutter design or pushing a predetermined design concept on a community. In fact, we spent many late nights in community meetings listening to local stakeholders. We believe it’s important to understand the local needs and perspectives of the community members that will use and maintain the project many years after completion.

Around the year 2000, billions of dollars became available for school design and construction projects in Ohio because of legal settlements made by the tobacco industry. The amount of money was unprecedented and resulted in large national design firms and contractors setting up offices in Ohio to get in on the action.  Many of those firms are no longer here, but some remain and have helped contribute to building the region.

Fast forward to 2020: Although the global pandemic created many hardships, design and construction in most market sectors continued to boom driven by population growth and investment in central Ohio. Such growth has once again resulted in central Ohio gaining the attention of national design and construction companies…and yes, Intel, Amazon, Google, and Facebook headlines are contributing to the attention.

We welcome and look forward to growing the community and hearing new perspectives from our competitors that are setting up satellite offices in the community. We appreciate the magnitude of your commitment and desire to contribute to our growth. Together, we hope to discover, design, build, and care for a better world for everyone in our communities.