Stewardship with Brent Foley

August 31, 2017

From TRIAD Principal, Brent Foley

I grew up in a working class (but privileged) family on Columbus’ east side. Of the many great people I knew through family and neighborhood connections, I didn’t know any architects, and it didn’t occur to me for some time that architecture was a career I could pursue for myself. That was until I attended school with Matt Price, whose father Dave founded TRIAD Architects. Dave offered me an internship, and that jumpstart on learning my future profession changed my life. To this day, Dave is still my mentor and a good friend.

Now that I am a principal at the firm that inspired me, I feel a responsibility to provide the same encouragement and guidance to the next generation of architects — particularly those who have an even steeper climb to the profession than I once had. The lack of diversity in our profession isn’t just an urgent, ethical issue, it is also making our profession (and thus, our environment) more homogenous and less inclusive. Until our profession represents our communities, we will continue to reinforce the problems we face as a society instead of fixing them.

This blog is one way we at TRIAD hope to inspire conversation around architecture and stewardship. Over the coming months, we will be asking friends, colleagues, community members and civic leaders to contribute their perspectives. My hope is that this page becomes a launch pad for engagement and new ideas. If you’d like to share what architecture or stewardship means to you and your community, or if you have ideas that could help make our profession or our world a better place for everyone, email me at

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