Intern exit interview… with a twist!

We recently held an interview with our three summer interns to discuss their experience with us over the summer.  Each intern had been paired with a mentor who prepared questions ahead of time to ask them during the interview.  What the mentors didn’t know was that the tables were about to be turned on them…


Question: How would you describe having us in the office?

Question: Can you describe your first professional experience and do you think it’s any different from ours?

Questions: What were some of your challenges regarding us and was there anything that we could improve?

Question: What’s something you wish you would have known before having us join the team or the architectural field in general?

Question: How did you feel about being mentors and having to guide us?

Question: Did we meet your expectations?

Question:  If there was something you would change about the mentor program what would it be?

Question: If you could do one fun thing with us outside of the office what would it be?

Question: Do you have any advice for us going into the next school year?

Question:  What was the one lesson that you learned this summer?

Question:  Were we good mentors from your perspective and what would you change about the experience?

Question:  What would you change about Triad?

Final Thoughts…