From Coffeehouses to Colleges: Triad Design Team Gives Insight on Favorite Projects

At Triad, we consider ourselves fortunate to have our Architects and Interior Designers stay with us throughout their careers. Many have been part of our team for over five years, during which they’ve contributed to numerous projects that have made a significant difference in the communities they serve. Here are some of their favorites.

Roosevelt Coffeehouse

In 2018, Interior Design Lead Morgan Mitchell was in the beginning of her career. Tasked with fitting-out the new location at Gravity for Roosevelt Coffeehouse, Morgan thrived in getting to explore her creativity to design an intricate coffeeshop that also nodded to the community it serves.

Roosevelt Coffeehouse serves more than coffee; This Franklinton coffee shop serves a community. It’s a place where proceeds are used to provide clean drinking water to those in need, to fight hunger, and to combat human trafficking.

“It was exciting to work on a public project that the community can enjoy and that is making a difference in fighting for social justice. Being able to work on something that I can take my friends and family to, or to hear about people hanging out in that space and enjoying it, is invigorating as a designer knowing that these spaces are well received.” – Morgan Mitchell, Interior Design Lead.

Reed Steffan

Rachael Schultz, Project Design Associate and Historical Expert, was originally an intern at Triad that transitioned to a full-time position after she graduated from The Ohio State University. Rachael has always been interested in historical architecture and adaptive re-use, so she jumped at the chance to transform the historical Reed Steffan Building in Downtown Dayton. Originally constructed in 1912, Rachael helped to give it new life by designing a conceptual conversion of the building into a mixed-use complex with a restaurant, office space, and luxury apartments.

“I’m a firm believer that all the older buildings I work with carry their experiences. They may have been joy or neglect, but these spaces have all been lived in and loved; my work needs to reflect all those feelings.” – Rachael Schultz, Project Design Associate/Historical Expert.

Rio Grande Community College, McArthur Center*

Project Manager Casey Byrnes has been a part of the Triad Team since 2021. In her three years at Triad, Casey has had a hand in designing and leading a plethora of interesting and creative projects – including the new Convocation Center and Brotherhood Center at St. Charles Preparatory School – but her favorite has been Rio Grande Community College’s McArthur Center.

Higher Education is a new user-group for Casey, and she has loved getting to design a project that will not only positively impact the college, but the community as well. Once completed, the residents of Vinton County will have access to spaces for community events and committee meetings that do not currently exist in the area. The McArthur Center will also host health care service providers, resources for the local high school, and organizations that provide career training and job seeking support.

“The client has also been incredible to work with! They are passionate, enthusiastic, and share in the desire to bring quality learning environments and gathering spaces to communities that are otherwise underserved.” – Casey Byrnes, Project Manager.

*The McArthur Center is still in design and no renderings are yet available.