Designing for the Future: School Architecture in an Ever Changing World

Last year, we had the opportunity to present our story of a two-decade relationship with Westerville City Schools.  In this presentation we outlined a methodology for creating buildings that go beyond the baseline of providing the necessities of warm, safe, and dry environments.  A methodology to create facilities and spaces that are inspirational; places that students, teachers, staff, and community members want to be.  We’ve broken that presentation down into three parts below.  We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!


The first part is a presentation from the Triad team, from our perspective, on how we helped the district build a program geared toward inspirational spaces.  We share best practices, tips, and tricks for leaders in any district to learn from.

The second part of the presentation is a question-and-answer session with Jeff LeRose, who has represented the district over our two decade tenure.  Hear from him how he piloted programs, built support in his leadership, and rallied his community to believe in building special schools.

The last part is a lively question-and-answer session from the presentation attendees.  See like minded districts brainstorm on how they can bring these methods to their districts.