An Award Round-Up: Four Projects Won Four Accolades

We’re honored to have had four projects honored by three organizations in the past couple months.

Triad’s recent accomplishments in the field of architecture and design have garnered significant recognition and accolades from prominent organizations, showcasing our commitment to innovative, impactful projects.

First and foremost, Del-Co Water Company’s Wolfe Water Center stands as a testament to our dedication to industrial design. This impressive facility was honored with the Best Industrial Design award at Columbus Business First’s inaugural Building Columbus Awards. The Wolfe Water Center has redefined water industry training in rural Ohio by seamlessly integrating innovation and culture. Prior to the renovation, the campus was fragmented and lacked a coherent theme or connectivity. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our Design Team and the specific needs of Del-Co Water Company, the center has undergone a remarkable transformation into a cohesive hub for training and innovation.

Triad’s exceptional work extends to the education sector as well. Annehurst Elementary in Westerville, Ohio, which underwent an extensive renovation and expansion, received Learning by Design’s 2023 Outstanding Project award. This school, originally built in the 1960s, was reimagined with a captivating treehouse theme that provides a stimulating and immersive learning environment. The redesign has not only revitalized the physical space but also enriched the educational experience for students, making it a standout project in the field of educational architecture and design.

Our Interiors Team knocked it out of the park as well. Minerva France Elementary School was honored with the IIDA Columbus City Center Learn | K-12 Merit Award. This LEED Silver New Build for Westerville City Schools exemplifies sustainable and innovative design principles while fostering a welcoming and productive learning environment.

The achievements continue with Minerva Park Middle School, which clinched the gold in the Learn | K-12 category at the IIDA Columbus City Center Awards. This striking LEED Silver New Build incorporates diversity and culture into its thematic approach, showing each student in the district that they are welcome in Minerva Park. The school’s inviting ambiance, characterized by abundant greenery and captivating hand-painted murals, reflects Triad’s commitment to creating spaces where students can thrive and feel inspired.

While we take pride in our recent accolades, we recognize that none of this would have been possible without the creativity and vision of our clients. Their ideas and input were at the heart of our design process, and we are truly grateful for the trust they have placed in us. Our designs not only meet our clients’ needs but also contribute to the communities they serve, reflecting our shared commitment to creating better spaces for all.


Del-Co Water Company Wolfe Water Center

Annehurst Elementary, Westerville City Schools

Minerva Park Middle School, Westerville City Schools

Minerva France Elementary School, Westerville City Schools