The Stonewall Tea + Coffee Cafe

At Triad, we work to bring community aspirations to life. We value your vision and strive to build and care for the community you live in and leave for future generations.

  • Project Completion


Triad partnered with Stonewall to update their gallery flex space into a rentable venue with a coffee counter and wet bar.

Inspired by contemporary gallery spaces, the interior contrasts bright white with shades of black and charcoal. Our design puts emphasis on the patrons, showcasing all of their color, uniqueness, and creativity.

Rich, brown wood grain and hexagonal motifs are seen throughout the space, creating what we call a “modern classic” look. The organic pattern of wood grain is balanced by large geometric pendant lights, adding a sense of order and rhythm to a wall of linear tiles and floating shelves. The barista station is backdropped with glossy white, wavy textured subway tiles. Placed beside a large storefront window, the backsplash is reminiscent of flowing liquid reflecting sunlight.

This assortment of finishes represents the experience of Stonewall’s patrons; Grounded in nature, adding texture and depth to an orderly, geometric world. At Stonewall, these differences don’t clash, they harmonize.

Since the renovation, the coffeehouse has become a cultural hub within the Short North. A safe haven for members of a marginalized community, the space is also a platform for local artists and performers to showcase their work. Patrons can see rotating artwork on the gallery walls, attend a slam poetry session or even host an event of their own.

The coffeehouse also runs on Stonewall’s “Q-Jobs” program; staffing transgendered individuals who have recently been incarcerated. The program helps them overcome stigmas in employment and gain independence.