Minerva France Elementary School, Westerville City Schools

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  • Project Completion

    August 2022

  • Construction Cost

    $20 million

  • Client Contact

    Jeff LeRose, Director of Facilities | 614.797.5700


The client desired to design a new school that paid homage to the rich history of the site. The site had once been home to an amusement park and a golf course prior to the district acquiring it as part of a larger residential development. The design whimsically plays on the history with Victorian towers reminiscent of the amusement park architecture. The design included corridors that represent rollercoasters, as well as the dog legs on a golf course. A disc golf course was provided as a public amenity.


We provided architectural and design services for the project from preliminary, feasibility stages through construction.


The design team and owner had to challenge themselves to detach from their adult hang ups and think like a kid. No idea was too crazy to consider. All of this had to occur while maintaining the budget and schedule. The team was able to accomplish this feat while bringing the project in under budget.


Facility/Master Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Levy/Bond Assistance, Feasibility Studies, Architectural Services, Engineering Services, Interior Design, Budgeting/Scheduling, Regulatory Approvals, Construction
Administration, LEED Services, OFCC Administration.