Annehurst Elementary School, Westerville City Schools

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  • Project Completion


  • Construction Cost

    $7.2 Million

  • Client Contact

    Jeff LeRose, Director of Facilities | 614.797.5700

Triad held multiple engagement sessions with students to develop the concept of a “tree-house school” for Annehurst Elementary. This concept was brought to life through the design of a two-story extended learning area (ELA) with a spiral staircase housed in a glass tower overlooking the school grounds. The theme was also reflected in the color and material choices, which were reminiscent of seasonal leaves and natural wood textures. Additionally, extended learning areas were added to each zone of the school’s interior to enhance collaborative learning experiences for students across all grade levels.

Two challenges were faced during this project. The first was phasing, as the school needed to remain open during construction. This was achieved by building the addition first, relocating students to that area, and then repeating the process with each renovated area.

The second challenge was the original school’s lack of windows and an internal corridor system that made navigation difficult. To address this, windows were added to each classroom, and unique color schemes were implemented for each pod to aid with wayfinding.

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