Why Triad? From the Perspective of a New Triad Team Member. OR Why Triad? That’s Easy!

When asked, “What do you most want to be remembered for?” my response for the past three decades has been, “To make a difference in the lives of others/to be impactful.”

I grew up in a single mother household with my two younger sisters. My mom worked extremely hard to make sure that we received the best public K-12 education possible.  We had a roof over our heads and nutritious food, but outside of a pool pass and the opportunity to go to summer camp every year (My gut tells me that most years we went to camp on scholarship), we didn’t have “extras.” As the saying goes, “Things were tight”.

Tight but not so tight that my mom couldn’t find a way to give back. Every Christmas, we would jump into our car with bags of fresh oranges and head down to CHOICES (Shelter for victims of domestic violence). I still remember parking in a “secret” place and needing to be screened before we could enter the shelter.  My mom’s arms would be full of brightly colored bags that were brimming with plump, round, fresh oranges, and we would head down dark, narrow, worn, wooden stairs into what must have been a cellar where CHOICES stored their food. The workers would smile and thank us. I recall catching a glimpse of some of the women and children seeking refuge there and how my heart hurt for them.  Growing up, I always knew that we didn’t have a lot, but what I didn’t realize until my early teens, is how my mom had to pinch pennies to make sure we had fresh fruit to give people far less fortunate than us. My mama, much like me, desired to and make sure she was impactful.

Fast forward, so what does this all mean in relation to Triad and why I choose to join the Triad team. “Together, we discover, design, build, and care for the community we want to live in and leave for future generations.” This is Triad’s mission statement which aligns with my dedication to being impactful and making a difference; the values my mom instilled in me through example.

Mission Statements are just words until they are put into action. Where was the evidence that this Mission Statement wasn’t just words? When I met with Brent and Todd, they shared with me that Triad was committed to work that is and has been purposeful and beneficial to our community and surrounding communities. (Sorry for paraphrasing Brent). We talked about and I researched projects that Triad has led and been a part of. It became apparent very quickly, that behind the words, there was proof. The following is only a small snapshot of the “proof.”

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse was on my radar before it even opened. I heard about this guy named Kenny Sipes who was opening a coffeehouse that was focused on raising funds for human trafficking and clean water organizations.  I was out talking about how awesome the Roosevelt Coffeehouse was before they even sold their first cup of coffee. I vouched for the Roosevelt even before taking a sip of their product, (in hindsight, it’s a good thing their java is outstanding). In discovering the social impact that the Roosevelt is committed to, it makes perfect sense that Triad was the on the project.

Further confirmation that Triad’s Mission Statement is backed by action: Jubilee Market, a not-for-profit grocery store in a food desert that offers nutritious and affordable food to people that otherwise might not have access to healthy food. A testimonial from a patron of the market that really touched me; “My kids love to come pick out fresh fruit; apples are their favorite! I do not feel the same shame, guilt, stress, or anxiety that I felt before about trying to obtain food or being able to get fresh food because I know I can get food at the Jubilee Market”. Talk about positively impacting your community and people’s lives.

Additional affirmation that Triad’s Mission Statement is solid: Carol Stewart Village, which is an initiative of Star House. The village offers affordable housing to young adults between the ages of 18-24 whom otherwise might be homeless. Here the residents are offered an education, mental and physical healthcare and the opportunity for mentorship. Carol Stewart Villages, changes and potentially saves young people’s lives. Triad was a leader on this project as well.

You get the picture of how Triad’s projects mirror my values, but I want to make sure to include Triad’s focus on education. The resume for past, present, and future educational Triad led projects is vast. This week I was fortunate enough to spend some time on a middle school project that is currently under construction and an elementary school that was recently completed. I was blown away by the uniqueness and coolness of these projects. The technology capabilities that these building have/will have installed, is state of the art. Additionally, the thought that went into every square inch of the design is awe-inspiring. There is no doubt that students who attend these schools, will learn, live and playing in an environment that promotes every student’s needs regardless of any and all special needs.

Working for a company and with colleagues that’s principals mimic mine is something I will always embrace and never take for granted. Thanks Triad, for giving me the foundation and tools to fulfill my commitment to being impactful and making a difference.