NeoCon 2021 Recap

November 23, 2021

Our Interior Design team, Morgan Mitchell and Lauren Voiers headed to Chicago last month to attend NeoCon 2021. The event was held at The Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago. The team was ecstatic to attend after the previous year’s event was canceled.

Here’s a recap of their time there and what they saw!

1. Arches

One detail Morgan and Lauren saw displayed throughout different showrooms was arches. The design aspect is to stray away from the rigid/rectilinear lines of the past and move toward softer shapes and arches to define space.

2. Pastel / Jewel Tones

The combination of softer muted colors with the more rich jewel tones offset one another for contrast and depth in spaces, as well as furniture. The contrast of colors gave a soft yet inviting feel. Each space at NeoCon gave our designers inspiration for future designs.

3. Wall Patterns / Color Blocking

The use of retro wall patterns and large bold areas of color to delineate spaces and provide visual interest to what otherwise may be a neglected surface or space.

4. Imitation Terrazzo

Another main theme our designers spotted was imitation terrazzo.

Creating more affordable options for terrazzo-looking floors, as well as opportunities to use the visual on other applications such as walls and furniture to bring texture onto more planes of human interaction.

5. Favorite Showrooms

Morgan & Lauren’s favorites included the eye-catching showrooms at OFS, BuzziSpace, Haworth, and Scandinavian Spaces.

NeoCon 2021 was a success and our team was delighted to attend and see the latest in design.