Roosevelt Coffeehouse

At Triad, we work to bring community aspirations to life. We value your vision and strive to build and care for the community you live in and leave for future generations.

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Coffee and Community

Roosevelt Coffeehouse in Columbus, Ohio, serves more than coffee. This Franklinton coffee shop serves a community. It’s a place where proceeds are used to provide clean drinking water to those in need, to fight hunger, and to combat human trafficking.

Before the pour, Roosevelt Coffeehouse partnered with Triad to create the space that would help maximize service—to both their customers and to their social justice missions. Triad and Roosevelt came together to improve and empower the communities in which both organizations live and operate. Triad believes in the vision the team of baristas and founders are grounded in, the passion for serving delicious coffee while fighting injustice in our communities.”

Local Business, Global Impact

With capital through only fundraising, Roosevelt Coffeehouse had a limited budget for a limitless mission.

Our team is invested in the communities where we work, and we believe that the client mission is the unwavering priority. So, we were eager to immerse ourselves and collaborate to create meaningful change for Roosevelt Coffeehouse and their potential for impact.

With a keen eye toward budget, we partnered closely with a contractor and Roosevelt Coffeehouse’s founder, engaging them as co-collaborators in the building design. This way, we could break out clear scopes of work for each the contractor and the founder to handle. This would in turn help minimize costs to stay within budget.

There is no other architecture firm The Roosevelt entity will ever work with moving ahead.

Kenny Sipes

Founder/Executive Director, Roosevelt Coffeehouse

Service and Stewardship

Our team thrives on authentic engagements. We listen to understand clients and engage stakeholders so we can deliver on goals and against challenges. We believe that everyone has a voice in the development process, and we apply our unique perspective, top talent, experience, and expertise to make our clients’ visions become reality.

As the architect and interior designer for this work, Triad was fortunate to be able to discover, create, design and build the Roosevelt Coffeehouse. The space is as inspiring as the mission.

Services Provided 

Architectural Services, Engineering Services, Interior Design, Regulatory Approvals, Construction Administration