Pointview Elementary, Westerville City Schools

At Triad, we work to bring community aspirations to life. We value your vision and strive to build and care for the community you live in and leave for future generations.

  • Project Completion


  • Construction Cost

    $5.9 million

  • Client Contact

    Jeff LeRose, Director of Facilities | 614.797.5700

Creating a Window to the World

Westerville City School District, Ohio’s 12th largest district, needed a partner to help the district convert Pointview Elementary’s 1960s-era open classroom concept into something more modern and functional. The school teams needed more space and wanted to build an addition that would inspire and excite students.

At Triad, we’re always eager to utilize our skills and talents to make our clients’ visions become reality. We were excited to discover, re-imagine, and build the place Westerville City School District envisioned.

Commitment to Community

We quickly set out to create an innovative space that would stimulate growth and support Westerville’s expanding student population.

In our work to discover the district’s values and vision, we launched engagement sessions with Pointview’s students. The process uncovered a wealth of inspirational ideas that we turned into unique building attributes, including:

  • An entry space that displays the word “welcome” on its walls in 94 languages to represent the diversity of the district’s students
  • An art room with an oculus that acts as a sundial, tracking the sunlight’s movement across the room’s floor
  • A nautical theme that extends throughout the building with floor finishes and culminates in a lighthouse in the open media center
  • “Emma’s Glass Roof”—a circular glass opening in the oculus ceiling that represents the limitlessness of student dreams and educational opportunities


We were thrilled to transform the space for a community that embraced diversity, inclusiveness, and a sense of adventure.

The school is something I can brag about when talking to new friends from other schools. I feel pride when talking about the new classrooms and MY glass roof!



Service and Stewardship

Our team was proud to provide the services and stewardship that made Westerville City School District’s wish for a better-built space come true. We embraced the opportunity to bring unique perspective, top talent, experience, and expertise to the work. Our unique combination of architecture, design, construction, facilities management, and real estate development services allow us to become invested members of the communities where we collaborate, and this was no exception.

Services Provided

Facility/Master Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Levy/Bond Assistance, Feasibility Studies, Architectural Services, Engineering Services, Interior Design, Budgeting/Scheduling, Regulatory Approvals, Construction Administration