Minerva Park Middle School, Westerville City Schools

At Triad, we work to bring community aspirations to life. We value your vision and strive to build and care for the community you live in and leave for future generations.

  • Project Completion

    August 2023

  • Construction Cost

    $32 million

  • Client Contact

    Jeff LeRose, Director of Facilities | 614.797.5700


The Owner gave the design team a massive task when they asked them to design a middle school that was emblematic of unity. The team embraced this idea and took to defining what unity could and should mean in this context. They settled on the idea of a school that provides inspiration for the development of the mind, body, and spirit of its students, faculty, and community. The cafeteria was made a central focus to the design, providing a space symbolic of the dinner table where people come to break bread and learn about each other. The media center was given an important location with amazing views making it a destination for academic achievement. An elaborate courtyard with a labyrinth was created as a place for reflection and contemplation. Additionally, we found inspiration in the amazing artwork that was created on boarded up buildings throughout the political unrest triggered by the death of George Floyd. We commissioned diverse, local artists to create works of art in the building.


We provided architectural and design services for the project from preliminary, feasibility stages through construction.


This project was completed in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This impacted the project in several ways. One obvious way was construction cost. Despite skyrocketing costs, we were able to get bids to move the project forward.


Facility/Master Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Fundraising Assistance, Feasibility Studies, Architectural Services, Engineering Services, Interior Design, Budgeting/Scheduling, Regulatory Approvals, Construction Administration.