Abraham Depp & Hopewell Elementary Schools, Dublin City Schools

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  • Project Completion


  • Construction Cost

    $48 million

  • Client Contact

    Jeff Stark, Chief of Operations 614.764.5913


When the district decided to move forward with two new elementary schools, they
wanted to utilize an existing school as a basis for design but wanted to modify it
for the current changes in education that happened since the original design. The
project also had a tight schedule that needed to be met.


We were responsible for layout critique and the exterior building envelope design
for two new elementary schools.

We are school districts working to balance efficiency and inspiration. We are architects and designers. We are Triad."


We teamed with the architecture firm that designed the original elementary
school to pursue the project. We argued that this would be the best of both worlds,
bringing all the knowledge of the original design but providing a new, critical
perspective. We would also be able to divide up the work to meet the schedule. The
district agreed with this approach we collaboratively executed the work with our
partner firm.


Architecture: Architectural Services, Regulatory Approvals, Construction

Please note, both elementary schools were completed in-collaboration with partner architect OHM Advisors.